Interactive Experience

VERUS AR lets you easily add a whole new kind of digital interaction to your products.

Print items can now come to life with video displayed directly on top of them. Not just a link to YouTube – now the interactive experience plays right there on top of your product!

Bring your print to life!

In-Store Posters

Build in-store engagement by creating a fashion show right in your store!  With the addition of AR, you no longer need to constantly reprint signage every time an offer or promotion is changed as the digital offer can be changed on the fly.

Consumer Package Goods

Make your packaging come to life by providing step-by-step instructional videos, product demonstration or a discount bar code that can be emailed right to a users smartphone and can be scanned immediately at checkout.  Create instant engagement!

Movie Poster or DVD Case

Create buzz around new movie releases by having a movie trailer or scene play while viewing a poster or DVD case.  After the trailer, link to a local movie theatre and purchase tickets right away.  For DVD cases, create an opportunity for multi-purchases by providing a discount code to purchase more movies.

Retail Flyer or Direct Mail

Keep engagement high by creating a digital experience with a static sales piece. After viewing a product demonstration, looking at clothing in different colours or styles, you can provide a link to your eCommerce site to purchase on the spot!  Further promote the offer through social sharing to provide an opportunity for others to see your campaigns.