What is VERUS AR?

VERUS AR utilizes the rapidly emerging medium of augmented reality (AR). AR is a way of viewing digital information which has been superimposed – or augmented – onto a live view of the physical, real-world environment around you.

What is Augmented Reality?

VERUS AR specializes in mobile augmented reality – the most popular medium through which the average person interacts with AR content. Vision-based AR virtually displays digital content in context with real-world objects – like direct mail, retail flyers, magazines, postcards or product packaging – by tracking the visual features of these objects.

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At VERUS AR, we bring print to life!

We believe the existing physical infrastructure of printed materials is ready and waiting for augmented reality. With VERUS AR, marketers and brand managers can quickly and easily activate their static print material with digital experiences … all without hiring developers or installing software.

In an age where online consumption is skyrocketing, print material must find a way to communicate in new and interactive ways. VERUS AR merges the online and offline worlds, bringing new levels of engagement to a previously one-way conversation.