For a demonstration on how VERUS can work for your product or campaign, click on any of these images and scan them with your VERUS app.

AIIM Integrated MarketingAIIM Integrated Marketing

AIIM Integrated Marketing

We bring print to life by adding digital assets to static print campaigns.  View 3D effects, interactive experiences, direct access to ecommerce sites and more.

Movie Posters or DVD CasesMovie Posters or DVD Cases

Movie Posters or DVD Cases

Create buzz around new movie releases by having a trailer or scene play while viewing a poster or DVD case.  After the trailer link to a local movie theatre and purchase tickets on the spot.

In-Store PosterIn-Store Poster

In-Store Poster

Build in-store engagement by creating a fashion show right in your store!  With the addition of AR, posters no longer need to be reprinted when a promotion changes, as the offer is presented digitally and can be changed on the fly.

Direct Mail or Retail FlyerDirect Mail or Retail Flyer

Direct Mail or Retail Flyer

Keep engagement high by creating a digital experience with a static sales piece.  After viewing a product demo, you can provide a link to your e-commerce page to make a purchase on the spot.

Consumer Packaged GoodsConsumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Make your packaging come to life by providing step-by-step instructional videos or product demonstrations,